Monday, January 09, 2012

Well now New Year discovery - I need to be another Andy

I have on occasion noted how my weight relates to sports people (not my fitness though it has to be said), at one time I was as heavy as Worlds strongest man contestants and heavyweight boxers, then rugby players and rowers, and lately I wasn't sure where I fell on this comparison spectrum. Moreover I was unsure what type of sport person weighed what BMI sheets tell me is my ideal weight... it turns out the answer is tennis, and indeed another Andy.

Image of Andy Muarry borrowed from an article in the guardian online Original image
"Andy Murray following his five-set victory over Jurgen Melzer". Photograph: Al Bello/Getty Images.
Yes, the sports person who I reckon comes in at roughly my 'ideal' BMI is the world class tennis Brit, Andy Murray. According to event stats that I bumped into online he's roughly my height and roughly 2 stone lighter, i.e. around my ideal BMI. This might not seem to mean a great deal to anyone else, but in terms of my motivation it is actually useful. I had labored under the impression that being that weight I would be considered 'skeletal' but my view has been adjusted by the revelation. I didn't really have a proper New Years resolution but now it seems to be to trim down to Andy Murray proportions - sadly matching weight won't mean matching talent but hey I reckon I will be running PRs if I do manage to shed anything like the 2 stone.

Okay, it really is only a feeble a motivational 'trick', I know that really being somewhere near that weight will make running my first marathon a great deal easier on me cardiovascularly and muscloskeletally (heart and joints, etc. ;-) ).

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