Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Numbers update...

Some numbers borrowed slightly from the Milton Keynes marathon page, I have... dayshours to go until my first marathon (26.2 miles, gulp!).

In other numbers, 4 days until the St. David's Day 10k, 11 days until the Bath Half-marathon (13.1 miles). I ran 9 miles on Monday, and 5 miles yesterday, at an average of 9 minutes per mile.

In other related news, I have to report that suddenly it seems spring has 'sprung'. I managed an evening run that started in daylight, the temperatures are higher (I have not worn my LiveStrong running jacket this week), and moreover all the running events are looming large! I can not decide at the moment whether to hit the 10k and / or half-marathon for PRs, or to use them as marathon training runs with marathon pacing for at least half of each event. This all stems from the feeling that I could very well set a new personal benchmark in either of them if I committed to it on the back of recent marathon training. The longer view of course is that I should not break myself during the program of marathon preparation, but the temptation is huge at the moment... number of times I will 'flip / flop' on how to run these events... incalculable! (help!).

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