Thursday, February 16, 2012

Training update

I have been training relatively well (though not blogging about it, sorry), managing to get the miles up and seeing some improvement in split times over regular loops. Recently I've been getting around a varied 9 mile loop with some regularity (once to twice a week) and doing some other shorter stuff in between. Aside from one big fartlek run I seem to have been shy of pace work proper, though I like to think I have balanced this with the persistent 9 mile runs.

Training hasn't been the plainest sailing... life has shown it's talent for stepping in when you have a brilliantly constructed plan. My son was very ill last week which meant a night in hospital, and I am deep in working out where my career will go next (constructing applications to extend current work, and applications for other related positions). I can only be happy that with everything going on I am feeling more and more able to get around a marathon course. As it happens if I can't do the race for any reason we'll still be taking a nice weekend away in Milton Keynes otherwise - I have already booked non-refundable hotel accommodation!

This weekend I hope to go long (at least 15miles) with a new running buddy, and later today I am off for a 6 'miler' with my long term training buddy (or my "other wife" as my wife wryly refers to him). Keep adding up miles is my plan... and along the way I might get to set a PR at the half-marathon distance as my 'warm-up event' the Bath Half is only a month away now :-) 

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