Friday, April 06, 2012

Injury potentially ending an ambition and other weighty issues

End of a marathon ambition? - My day started out with a great deal of plans for weekend plans including running and outdoor fitness, and then the wheels began to fall off the grand plan today. I went to outdoor fitness yesterday evening and really enjoyed myself, my hip didn't seem to be an issue and all I noticed was a little tightness in my left calf that I happily ignored. This morning I planned to run for an hour and do roughly 10k / 6miles. My calf was tight as I set off but not terribly so and I thought it would loosen off through the run.

Four miles into the run and the calf hadn't loosened, and was getting stiffer. I stopped at four miles because my hip decided to join the party and as soon as I felt it I knew I was in trouble. I walked the rest of the way, my calf felt a little better and my hip was not a problem at all. Once at home I iced it and then took the hound for his short walk. All seemed fine though I knew I'd have to look after it for a while and go easy at outdoor fitness over the weekend.

Later in the day we went out to the beach so the kids could make sandcastles and have a paddle. I was fine though moving a little gingerly over the rocks, pebbles and sand. We had a good time in spite of the cold wind, and as fast I could put up castles the kids loved knocking them over. As we set off back to the car and an ice cream everything was fabulous. Just before we crested an incline while carrying my son bang (!), the pain in my calf was fierce. Three shots of pain made me lift my foot from the ground and cry out.

My left calf is either stage 2 or stage 3 blown, I can walk on it but if I push off to walk totally normally I get fresh pain. If I walk slowly but twist slightly in a particular direction - pain. I hope to get it assessed soon, but at the moment I feel that my hope of running my first marathon in just over 3 weeks time is out the window. It was already an uphill task, but this injury I think has taken it into the realms of an impossible task. My only hope is that it isn't as severe as I believe and that physio can offer me some sort of a minor miracle.

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Weighty issues - It has been a while since I made any real mention of weight, specifically my own. Oddly enough that is because for all intents and purposes it has been pretty stable through 2012, hovering at a pound or two over 14st (196lbs). Stability has been great, and I was even hoping to lose a bit more before the marathon.

Back to pack - On a very slightly brighter note I have started packed lunches again for work. For a number of reasons cost (buying lunch is expensive), convenience (I know I'll like what I make for myself), calories (no hidden calories, I know what I am getting), and fun (I have a really cool lunch box to bring to work). I'll have to start browsing a few blogs for some new inspiration for contents.

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