Monday, April 23, 2012

Marathon Monday

The last Monday before I hope to run a marathon, and I am in full mental and physical prep mode for the run on Sunday (the Milton Keynes Marathon). I have hurdles to get over between now and then, most notably a fitness test on Thursday to see how my injury might react. In spite of the imminent test I have begun packing my bag, and compiling a dossier of paperwork for the event - maps, bookings, receipts, restaurants close to the hotel and so on.

Looking forward to the week, I can already sense my excitement building I so much want to be fit enough to run! I have physio sessions booked for taping / strapping and for a recovery session of massage next Monday after the marathon.
I think you can guess the weather here at the moment - a small gathering is happening in the office
Weather wise (I am resolutely trying to believe I'll be there to find out) it looks like being sunshine and showers, but the forecast only throws forward 5 days. As a preference I would like a nice flat cool overcast day, because I have not trained in warm weather at all through the late Winter. As a consequence I haven't tested my warm weather kit for comfort!

Three more training sessions to go - one short gym session, one short x-trainer and the 5k running test on Thursday - my fingers are going to be sore from all the finger-crossing I'll be doing this week! Happily I have managed to shift a few pounds in the last few weeks to lighten my load a little.

My Monday motivation - watching the London Marathon yesterday filled me with excited anticipation :-D

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