Monday, April 02, 2012

Motivation Monday

Just recently I re-read an old post which reinforced my motivations, that I wrote way back in 2005, called "The couch escape". It was interesting to read where I had been and very much where I hope to never be again. I find that a lot of my motivation comes from briefly remembering how things felt at my health low - very often it is simply remembering the effort I had to find to pick myself off the ski slope at my heaviest.

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The balance between feeling encouraged or discouraged really can be so easily tipped towards the positive with activity (getting out for a run, eating healthily, planning for a fun trip, chatting with a buddy about their / your efforts, etc.), but on other days it can slip all to swiftly towards the negative and feelings of discouragement. The day to day tends to make you forget just how far it is that you have already come and just how much you can achieve with the right motivations. It is at times like this that I look back to where the journey started and remind myself how much I've already achieved. Realising the great distance travelled in the right direction can be just that motivational nudge to keep me going down the healthy road and keep me 'on the move'.

PS. speaking of motivation... it is 26 days to go until I try and run 26 miles around Milton Keynes... I would be deeply grateful and spurred on if you could support one of my two choosen charities and please sponsor my madness...
The Huntington's Disease Association
Cancer Research UK

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