Monday, April 09, 2012

Motivation Monday

Motivation from unlikely sources
The 'uber runner' is a lady that we see on the trails quite often when walking the dog or out running. She appears to be extremely fit and absolutely glides over the ground. We have seen her out in the snow, all weathers and at all times of the year, she is seemingly absolutely committed to regular runs. It is fair to say that both my Mrs. Taffi and I are completely jealous of her apparent talent and drive for running. The 'uber runner' is a mysterious motivation, we would both like to run like her but we know nothing else about her. We smile and nod as fellow trail users but she wears headphones so there isn't an easy way of saying "oh, hello again you seem to run a lot, are you training for a marathon?" or any such attempt at a conversation.

People that you don't know, and people that you see perhaps only at specific events can be motivation. They don't have to be famous, notorious or a celebrated sports person to be an inspirational figure.

Time pressure motivation
Last night motivated by the fact that it is now only being three weeks to the marathon I got on the cross-trainer again for an hour. It was a good session despite the silly socks keeping my calf happily warm and the fact that my ipod told me it was gone 8pm during my first 20 minute block (yes, it is the same machine that like to kick you off after 20mins #formergymequipment). There were no huge aftershocks in my calf so happy days :-)
Having to wear natty football socks to keep my calf happy
Cross trainer madness again and this time at gone 8pm?!?!?

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