Thursday, April 26, 2012

Systems are go for marathon attempt

So the cross-training went okay last night (though light cross-training is even duller than full on cross-training I discovered), and then this morning I stepped onto a treadmill for a running test. I got my leg taped beforehand and then set off nervously to run 5k or 30mins on the rolling road....
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....well it seems I am going to try the Milton Keynes marathon on Sunday.

There were no strange reactions in either leg and it all felt fine. Now that I have decided a wave of nerves have hit me properly full on. The 5k test was odd as I almost never use a treadmill and so have no idea how it translates to road fitness. It felt like I was not running in an especially relaxed way, but then that could have been because I don't normally run in busy gyms on equipment that I find quite awkward (always have, I don't know why - perhaps it's because they are always set up in front of full length mirrors!!).

The training I have done leads me to believe I can complete. My injuries still present a worry, but the fact I stopped in the last half-marathon I ran tells me I know when to draw a line under a bad situation. So now I will just have to go find out...

PS. I have no target, I am even considering putting tape over the pace reading on my GPS watch so all I see is time elapsed. It's all about finishing, finishing, and finishing at this stage.

PPS. I know I use one photo source a lot on my blog, it's not because I have any association with the site - it is just the simplest quickest (free) way I've found to splash some colour and give due credit for the images. I will try to do better work with my camera - promise :-P

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