Thursday, April 19, 2012

Where was wittering Wednesday?

Ah, Wednesday was a work-related conference day and so I only had my smart phone as a form of computing power all day (plus I hadn't pre-prepared a wittering draft to hop on and post). So it is Thursday and I can happily report my Wednesday away from any computer was well spent. A very well organised event held my attentions all day and in fact still is on my mind (it was a careers event, just to put you in the picture a little).

This little blog doesn't have an acronym for Thursday's, despite there being some good ones around the blogosphere I simply don't tend to blog on a Thursday - just routine weekly routine I guess... so anyway wittering... two people that I know completed the Paris marathon over the weekend just gone, and both under 4hrs!

I am pleased for them, and  a little jealous too (one did it in 3:54, the other 3:22!). Truth be told when my brain is not otherwise engaged (in conversation, work, sleeping, etc.) my thoughts are never far from marathons at the moment - sad, but true. In just over 10days I will have to find something else to blog about...... rowing (!), you see in fact I have already decided that once my first marathon effort is over I am going to spend my summer rowing...
...and quietly training for a half-marathon PR, ssssh! 

More nonsense and training news soon.

PS. welcome to the visitors I reportedly (I never quite believe the stats widget) had from Brisbane, AU; Melbourn, GB; Auckland, NZ; Bristol, GB; Somerton, GB; Nottingham, GB; Uttoxeter, GB; Mountain View, California, US; Hartlepool, GB - some nice new destinations in the list for the last week :-)

Very overcast, occasional showers, cold in the firm breeze.

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