Monday, May 21, 2012

Follow on from Friday


"Footsteps" by Arvind Balaraman fact quite apart from being faster at forty (Fridays ramble [see below]) I remembered that I have another quietly held ambition... which I will (in rubbish blogger quasi-alliteration) call "fabulous at fifty"... here my ambition is to be as toned and as apparently healthy as Sting at 50. I know, it's a left field type thing, and perhaps even a tiny reflection of the increased aspirations of men to look like role-models (cover-models, etc.).

I suppose what I am rambling about, and kind of mulling over, here is that in recent times (and especially after the kids arrived) I am more and more determined to lead as healthy and active a life as I can. Sadly it took those very 'heavy' days in my twenties before all this began to be realised. It is maddening that some of the legacies of those days will forever haunt me, but I strive to ensure that I will never go there again - and moreover that my kids will learn the lesson from daddy and will be encouraged to lead their lives with movement in mind.

Speaking of movement - I have begun a new phase - twice over the weekend I did an hour of yogalates. Flexibility and tone is the new goal before serious half-marathon training for the autumn race(s). I am leaving no stone unturned in making sure I go sub-2hrs for the half this year.

Sunny, warm, gentle breeze, hazy cloud (almost summery).

PS. anyone know how easy / difficult it is to get into the Berlin Marathon in any given year?

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