Wednesday, May 09, 2012

New vibes - Wittering on Wednesday

New challenges - This week sees the need to find new challenges, so what to do?

I have decided to try and 'ace' the Cardiff Half marathon, but I had signed up to that immediately after the last one and I am left hankering after something else...

What else? another marathon? Hmmm, I think I am entertaining thoughts of another one, and have some initial thoughts of a special one for my fortieth year - but that's 18months away! (honest)

D'oh! I am drawn towards triathlon, but the swim element would need some serious input. I don't feel I could just throw myself into training for one without a lot of very fundamental work. So I'll stick with running or rowing based challenges for anow.

Banking drafts - I have been banking post drafts for future 'publication', with a week off work next week I reckon I'll have a few more in the bank shortly :-)

To be fair I spent so much time mucking with one draft that when I 'publish' this it is going to be a little... brief...

Speaking of - banking, I still need to send a huge set of "thank yous" to all those who supported my marathon run with monetary donations. Though it is not too late to give via just giving - see my "first marathon page" (which yes I need to update).

Grey skies, light breeze, feels like showers though none have appeared yet.

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