Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wittering on Wednesday - thread catch up

Jillian Micheals podcast - I am still 'with the program' so to speak, and still downloading the podcast. It has a sister video (YouTube) cast but that doesn't fit well with my time. I shove it in my ears while going about things and listen to all things motivation, health and fitness - with a hefty chunk of nuttiness, life musing, and random stuff thrown in. Am I still going to recommend it? Well yes, it is good radio. It is loaded with feminine outlook and why not (?), but hey the advice woven through it is worth the investment all by itself (it's not as if the very feminine view of life is not worthy all of itself). I think you will probably understand what I am trying to carefully express there, either that or I just dug a good sized male faux pas hole that I should leap into now?!?!

The material is good, it is researched (though sometimes I wonder who writes the material they discuss - strange 'science' out there in the health industry realm), it is good humoured, heartfelt stuff, and hey I like it... even if middle aged, vaguely sporty, European dudes was not their intended target market ;-)

The 366 Random Acts of Kindness guy - is still going strong and moreover still blogging strong (more power to him). It is beginning to boggle me just how he will keep coming up with things to do, he has passed the third of the way there and is going strong. The acts are deceptively simple - for example in one act he sought to research and track down a guy handling out laminated signs to the homeless so that he too could share in the same acts of kindness. I still maintain it is simple genius.

The Ultimate Olympian challenge guy from way back did not appear to pick up the baton again, I keep looking and hoping but it seems the blog is gathering electronic tumble weeds. The challenge he set himself was superb - to try all of the designated Olympic sports in within the four year cycle between the Athens and Beijing games. It was certainly a herculean task for charity and I had thought was going well, whatever the reasons he gave up I wish him all the best.

Note of blogs - Blogs of note I have noticed don't include many sports / health blogs in the blogs of note 'hall of fame' on blogger. It generally is the simple genii blogs or the aesthetically sweet blogs that make it, but I would argue that there are some genius and artistic sporting and heath blogs out there. Okay so perhaps they don't want to be seen to endorse a particular thread of health practice / therapy, but there are plenty of very good looking running sites out there for example. The blog "I'd rather be eating" is brilliant not only for editorial but for the quality of the images and blog organisation. Don't worry I am not making a strange pitch for my back of a postcard blog here, I am just saying they could cast the net a little more widely at some well presented sporting blogs, much followed blogs like "Miss Zippy" et al.

Here I step off the soapbox lest my wittering be mistaken for ranting.  I am off to clean up and update some pages gathering their own tumble-weeds round my blog ;-)

Blue skies, light showers, brisk breeze.

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