Friday, June 08, 2012


Friday... again? Good grief it comes around fast, but hey it was a three day week thanks to the double Jubilee Bank Holiday. Would be nice to round off the week with a nice fat healthy weekly exercise activity report, but the chest infection has sunk that completely... perhaps I am labouring the illness thing a bit too much, sorry. I'm only miffed because I had high hopes of getting some speed work started this week - and anyway why does cough syrup taste as awful as it did thirty years ago??

I identified that speed work is the missing link in my training, I run everything essentially at the same pace. Happily the pace has improved over time, but very slowly by small increments. Lately I have wondered if my times would benefit from some speed burst session generated oomph! It looks like I'll try to do one long run, one shorter one and an interval (speed) session each week as I can reliably make these fit into the to'ing and fro'ing of a busy family week.

Very windy, heavy cloud with frequently heavy rain bursts - a storm front arrived apparently.
The weather is so bad I'm even forced to wear boots, not trainers!

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