Friday, June 22, 2012

Four photos for Friday

Certainly it will be true to say that I will not be winning any blogging awards with the artist merits of the following four photos, but frankly I've become a bit bored with all the stock photos I keep using to add colour to my posts. So from my mobile phone camera this week come...

The dusting off of the bread maker (inspired by a shortage in the larder of shop brought bread and the lack of will to go out just for bread) to try out a new recipe. The result was very tasty indeed, thanks to the magic ingredient of honey instead of sugar.
The top was lost thanks to it expanding beyond the confines of the machine, the side was lost to our stomachs ;-)
It was a storming night for me in the kitchen as I followed up the yummy bread with a similarly yummy corned beef pie. Okay, so it was stodge night round our dinner table but it tasted so so good. The elephant shapes were courtesy of the kids cookie cutter collection, and made sure they were interested in their share ;-)
Again, like the bread, the camera was an after thought - whoops!
What follows is frankly a sad admission of where I currently keep my running medal collection. It does mean they are in view everyday, but not in a very flattering way. Worse still is the similar collection of Mrs. Taffi's on the other end of the curtain rail. Well... where do you keep yours?
This form of storage does mean a new day is greeted with a vista and a chime when the curtains are pulled
Lastly, the annual phenomena which is the Wimbledon effect... every year when the grass court season begins and around about a week before Wimbledon the local tennis court begins to see what it doesn't see for 11 months of the year (well it seems like 11 months) - actual tennis players. It is good to see and the sun is trying it's best to provide playing time though mostly on and off in classic British tennis fashion.
Worst photo of an active tennis court in the history of photography
...I will expect my artistic blogger award in the mail shortly :-D

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