Friday, June 01, 2012

May Review & the long Bank Holiday weekend

May Review
All in all May was a quiet phase 'on the move' wise, madness in other respects, but that's for another time maybe. Running wise I ticked over after a couple of very light weeks after the marathon exertions. In fact most of the month training wise could be summed up in that same sentence. I don't have numbers on the month but I reckon something like 12 miles running a week.

I now believe I will run another marathon, but for now I have my target is set on the best possible half-marathon time I can muster this autumn. Training started this week, and dreaded 'speed-work' gets included from next :-S
Thanks to some genuine ambitions for our allotment this year I have been pretty busy, digging, planting, watering and so on on our patch too. With the weather being so very hot in the UK of late some session have been pretty heavy work - good outdoor training! The only form of competition in May came from a family pumpkin growing contest, which we hope will be followed by a pumpkin carving contest in the autumn :-)

Cycling has re-entered my 'on the move' portfolio, thanks to commuting with the kids to nursery / work to save a few pennies (well it works out at more than a few). It has been fantastic though it is clear that my bike needs some tender lovin' care as the gears are not terribly happy with the abuse I given them this last week or so.

So May was good for moving, let's see what June brings...

The long Bank Holiday weekend - 'on the move'

In the true style (if indeed there is a style) of 'on the move', a long weekend is ahead with quite a few things planned to make and do over the Bank Holiday Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee celebration weekend. Four days off!

There will be running with my training buddy, a long run where we will undoubtedly set the world to rights. A family bike ride to test out the new chariot for the kids commute (so potential one of us gets to try and take both to nursery on any given day!?!?). Family swimming - more lessons for the kids, and more bad singing by me in the parent and toddler session (I am certain my son will disown me one session soon, hahaha!). On top of that still more work at the allotment as I have seedlings to put out into the big bad allotment, bean wig-wams to erect, and lots of digging to do.

Of course along with all that, and having helped put up the bunting, we are all out in our street for a Jubilee street party. We are looking forward to a fun day out with the neighbours, and lots of red, white and blue cakes (I will not eat too many.... honest!).

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