Monday, June 18, 2012

Moaning Monday (plus a little 'geeking')

There are some Mondays that stand out from the crowd and one where [1] I was woken at 5:25am by a screaming (awake and wanting company) child, [2] I am still suffering hugely with bronchitis, [3] it is a work morning (when I am under the cloud of having only two weeks more paid employment), [4] I haven't done any fitness work for two weeks (and I feel it)... some Mondays you just wanna moan!

The lonely sports bottle collection, laying unused
on top of the kitchen cabinets for the foreseeable

So there we are a very moaning Monday post done (I can only apologise if you were feeling great before reading this), later I hope to read a bunch of fresh blog posts about great feats of training and racing from the weekend... vicarious fitness is the best I can manage till I crack this infection.

Sunny, scattered cloud, brisk wind.

I had to add this as an edit as something utterly geeky :- I noticed my blog had a visit from someone in Fuji in the last day or so... brilliant!... I am a quiet collector of pins in my ClustrMaps. I have 'borrowed' my current map and stuck an arrow to show the shiny new yellow pin (see below). Having just looked for the first time in a while I am pleasantly surprised by the variety of hits (pins) I have from across the globe. I know it's utterly geeky, but it brightened my day a tad :-) Who needs to travel the globe when in small fun ways the globe can come to you...
My current ClustrMap from brilliantly simple and fun I would recommend the site to any global geek!

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