Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday I got Friday on my mind

This phrase popped into my head today "Monday I got Friday on my mind" and aside from the fact that I remembered its a title and lyric of a 60's song by The Easybeats, it summed up the start of my week.

I begin my week very much with head in last week, these days the weeks are rolling into each other mentally. Work really is not a happy place for me just now. Although a change is on the horizon I have no idea where this will go, at the moment my contract will expire and then I'll be unemployed! It is a long and painful story.

Moreover the cough / chest infection is still with me making last week feel like this, and Friday feel like Monday. A trip to the doctors has left me with the diagnosis of acute bronchitis, and my ears ringing with how many times I was asked if I smoked (I absolutely never have, save one extremely brief moment at Uni that left me a ridiculous coughing mess - as I couldn't 'do it'). It seems the fact that I have developed this kind of infection has left the doctor slightly perplexed. I have antibiotics, more as a precautionary thing I think, and strict instructions to return should things either not improve or get worse! No exercise for me then... especially as taking the three flights of stairs in work this morning left me a coughing mess for the best part of half an hour :-(

Hopefully the week will lift itself, and things will brighten...

Overcast, showers, humid, moderate breeze.

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