Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No news + no exercise = an unhappy chap

There are times when I feel bad after missing a single training run, I suppose I buy into the whole "running creates a buzz that helps your mental state" theory.

So now after missing weeks of running (or training of any kind) I am feeling pretty awful. Of course the lung infection (be it categorised as bronchitis or pneumonia - I am still waiting on a chest x-ray result) has had a direct effect, making me tired from laboured breathing and disturbed sleep, but on top of that the lack of exercise is really making me feel rotten.

Also, it is true to say that I 'use' exercise to balance out some cheeky eating habits (too much pudding, extra snacks, etc.) so a lack of exercise has left me feeling heavy and grumpy. This has spiralled a bit as I have indulged in the odd round of comfort eating too [you can actually remove the words "the odd round of" from that sentence truth be told]. At the moment there seems little to do until I see my doctor again towards the end of the week... any advice would be very gratefully received.

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