Saturday, July 14, 2012

The beginning of the long long road back

This morning I placed myself at the beginning of the long long road back to running fitness. It has not taken very long at all to feel so ridiculously unfit through the course of my lung infection and illness, it seems not so long ago that I was getting round 26.2 miles and now I feel about as strong as a newborn kitten! In almost two and a half months of virtual sporting inactivity my weight has increased about as fast as my fitness has decreased. I have runs I want to do, targets I want to meet, and ambitions I want a shot at, so this morning feeling that my lungs are just about okay I set out.... for a swift walk.

As frustrating as walking was, it was where I started my running 'career' in a Cardiff park back in 2003/4 so I know that progress can be amazing. In all likelihood I could have run today but I am determined not to over cook this recovery and end up a coughing frustrated sick person again. The biggest thing on my mind is how to mark out the curve  of progression so that I don't end up back at this square one again.

SportTracks pace plot for my 2.37 mile 'power' walk
From my pace plot for the route from the SportTracks package showed that by some arbitrary measure I was jogging (yes, I wore my GPS to keep my mind on the fact that this wasn't a gentle stroll). This is probably only because at over six foot tall my power walking stride is a fair bit longer than the average, but it made me smile to think I could pretend I was out jogging :-)

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