Friday, July 13, 2012

Globally fat?

These things come around with increasing regularity in the mass press, and are in fact more worrying each time I see them. All the time the waistlines of the world (specifically particular subsets / nations) seem to be on the inexorable rise. Today Mrs Taffi showed me a link to a global BMI calculator...

Where do you come out?

A little sadly (though not unexpectedly), I came out above average globally, but happily I know that I am fitter than my BMI might imply [in fact if I'd done the calculator back before I ran the marathon I would have been all but globally 'average']. The truth remains that this is one statistic where I would really rather prefer to be below average(!)... within my country of origin (the U.K.) it turned out I am below average, whoop whoop!

More on weight challenges in the next few days... I am aiming to get this blog rolling again after a quiet patch. 

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