Sunday, July 22, 2012


A simple title for a seemingly simple thing - run. I ran today for the first time in I've almost forgotten how long and the best part is that I made it back in one piece (although oddly two different dogs took time out of their evening strolls to try and take lumps out of me - weird! - must be my aftershave?!?!). The main thing is I ran a run, a short 3.9 mile run at basically 10 minutes per mile pace, but a run without a cough or a wheeze - okay except the tired laboured breathing thing - like I said long time no run. I muscled my way round there was no rhythm, no form, no breathing pattern, really just a rusty blow the cobwebs away run.

I am rambling and I know it... I have less than 12weeks until the half-marathon that I wanted to get a huge PR in, and need a lot more good runs like that one. All I can do is form a plan from here, watch for any hint of a symptom, and hope that the bronchitis / pneumonia bug does not return or reemerge.

I hope your run/s or sporting effort/s this weekend were as good for your soul.

Hot, sunny, blue skies, very light breeze.

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