Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mileage increase - at last!

It seems that this month I have turned the corner with training and have run further this month already than in any of the previous 6 months. This takes out the pre-marathon cross-training in the gym while I was nursing an injury, though really I must have racked up a fair few mile equivalents in there. Anyway it is the most I have run since February when I was following the marathon training plan with its related volumes pre-week.

From here on I am looking to gradually build into my race commitments (didn't mean that to sound in anyway grandiose, I call them commitments because they cost me good money to enter), and get to a point where I can begin marathon base training work for next spring. Still not entirely sure why I signed on for another aside from it being one huge great big motivational target... sure I might remember other motivation during late summer and Winter runs :-S

Despite being on a quick holiday last week where I indulged in a little too much glorious beach ice cream I have the definite sense of improving running health.

Happy weekend running to you :-D

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