Sunday, August 19, 2012

Post-Olympic hangover

I thought everyone was a bit daft to suggest that there would be a 'hangover' after the Olympic show came to its climax last weekend, but perhaps I was wrong. Sure no one is throwing up, repeatedly visiting the bathroom, popping headache pills, it's not that kind of a hangover, but there are definitely effects. TV schedules are rushing to tell everyone "hey, look we have great shows", sports clubs are brimming with new keen participants (I only hope they saw it coming and have the facility to take on the enthusiastic hordes), people are still talking of little else, and of course the paralympics are coming. In some ways there is more human spirit on show in the paralympics, more stories to make a grown man cry. Sure Olympians earn respect for their graft, hardships and endeavours but many have the sports 'machine' behind them, something about a person who played a new sport in hospital and during rehabilitation and were made anew by adversity makes you stop, really stop, and wonder in awe of their achievement.

So obviously I am suffering a hangover, a week on and I am blogging (well rambling) about it. I could fill a good many posts with my highlight moments from the summer games so far (I really think we are only halfway with the paralympics coming). I am inspired in my own way, I have watched several Olympics now since I was a kid and every time I get the same buzz afterwards - even now in my middle age I think I might win gold some how?!?! haha

Inspired I am under way properly with running training again, running around 6miles three times this week, the training plan is there, the fuelling (diet) plan is back into shape, but for the moment my legs and lungs are feeling their own hangover from not training for so long... but like the Olympics I know my fitness will come around again (though hopefully it won't take four years!).

Sunny, humid, scattered cloud.

Hope your weekend rocks, and has no hangovers in sight ;-)

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