Thursday, August 30, 2012

Three things Thursday

First ever "three things" post, but I've blogged every other day this week (!) so I figure I might as well run this thing out to a whole week of posts...

1) Paralympics 2012 - the opening ceremony was absolutely immense, it made so much more of what (I assume) was a tighter budget than the Olympics. The whole thing was tight, neat, entertaining, thought provoking, and had a fabulous theme running through it that made superb sense with a clear message. I was so moved that at the right moment I even rushed to get an apple to join in the 'big crunch' inspired by Isaac Newtons gravity defining apple moment. 
So moved I joined in, it was a tasty treat at near midnight
Everyone waits to watch the spectacle and drama unfold - good luck to all athletes from all nations.

2) GPS madness struck me last night on my run, I ran a spiral pattern using some of the many trials in the park all the while wondering what it might look like on the computer when I uploaded the route (geek!). The best part of the giddy (though happily not dizzy) madness was I had no clue how long the run would be in the end so I just enjoyed making my silly pattern.
Could have sworn people thought I was lost as I passed some three times

3) So today I continue my quest for a new job / career (the same as I have everyday for the last few weeks, but hey I don't discuss that here), which is just a lame excuse to use another silly picture and make a third thing... hey, I said this was my first one go easy on me :-P

After yesterdays thunder storms and rain, today looks sunny, warm, with scattered rain clouds.

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