Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wittering Wednesday

Why is it that the moment you really need to print the printer decides to go AWOL? Why is it that when you decide to go for a run it rains? Why is it that when you are all set for a training session your buddy gets injured? Sure all of these are issues, all of which I have had in the last couple of days, but the bigger question is why does it matter to what we are doing so much? I didn't need to print a draft in order to carry on working, nor did I need good weather to run or a training buddy to get down to training. I suppose some days if you let things stop you they will.

Breaking out of a "why I couldn't" pattern can seem difficult, although when you are out of it you look back you wind up pondering just what its supposed power was (those you never suffer this never quite understand). A friend succinctly summed up my post-marathon post-illness funk by enquiring "you know what to do, why do you do the opposite? If I want to train for a race I'll just do the opposite of you". I suppose at times (especially if you are in a bad place for other reasons) the "why I couldn't" seems comforting, simple and accurate, despite the fact that ultimately you'll be uncomfortable about things you didn't do, find things complicated by the things you missed (especially those base training runs), and totally inaccurate in the cold light of the powerful angle-poise lamp.

So the next time you get the "why I couldn't" or "why I can't" thoughts coming your way see them as they are, step around them and get on with things. So I am off for a long training run later on my own whatever the weather, although in the end I really did need the new cartridge for the printer regardless :-S

PS. in the end the whole of my run was in a break in the weather, I experimented with a route variation and ran a fun 8mile circuit with good form and rhythm - see what was I all in a tangle about :-)

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