Monday, September 03, 2012

Busy day equals tired boy

There is something satisfying about a busy day, there is something good about being tired for the right reasons. I got a load of everything done, everything from making loaves of bread to running to job searching. The run was born out of the fact that I helped out my wife with a short bit of stationery rowing for her PhD work and found myself nicely warmed up in sports kit - so it almost seemed rude not to nip off for an unplanned 4.5 mile interval run (6 x 30sec bursts this time).

I am aware that I have hit the mileage relatively hard in the last few weeks from more or less a standing start, so I will be taking out a planned session and not adding more miles to my week. At the moment I am a little concerned about maintaining this good return to training and not falling foul of over-keenness.

Diary - cloudy and overcast clearing up to a warm sunny afternoon. 4 x 5min firm erg rowing, 4.5 miles running. Really ready for a good night of sleep.

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