Monday, October 22, 2012

Motivation Monday - Running advice and cook books

The other day my wife proudly told me that this month we had tried 3 recipes from her recent copy of a food magazine, apparently this represented an unusually high number. Each copy that arrives in our post box gets diligently read cover to cover and during the process little sticky tabs or bits of paper sprout from the top edge of various pages. Eventually at a meal time a while later I find myself 'testing' a new meal.

Pondering this for a while it dawned on me that this is entirely the way I use running magazines and books, I don't as it happens use sticky tabs like my wife does with her magazines. I read whole magazines and often cover-to-cover but will often times only keep a small part of each that over time build up to a pile of knowledge that fits my running, my training or my ambitions. Then perhaps with hindsight if I was as organized as my wife cook books I would get a little more value out of the columns I read?!?


linda said...

I have a bookcase of fitness magazines that, once read, rarely see the light of day again. Perhaps I should also use the labelling and tab method!!! It would be worth some consideration!

Taffi said...

I should add that my wife has a little sticky tab dispenser thing that has four colours... I suspect she has a mini coding system. It certainly seems to mean her magazines have a longer lifespan of 'usefulness'.