Saturday, December 08, 2012

A month out - mostly on my ass

Over a month of non-blogging and I feel bad. It is not just that I haven't blogged for a month it is that I don't seem to have done much else for a month. Part way through Mo'vember with moustache doing well (a whole other story), work going well, and not much running or training happening I came down with a heavy dose of influenza. Sadly this was not the man-flu variety but the full on stuck in your bed feeling dizzy, weak, gripped by fever, tired and utterly rotten. It took a full week of what amounted to bed rest to feel more like myself, I have only ever had one experience of the flu worse than this once almost 20 years ago!

Happily a recovery began to appear after the week of resting, but then unhappily I came down with secondary ear infections (yeap, plural not singular). A trip to the doctors and then a mountain of pills collected from the pharmacy and again I'm sitting around feeling right royally sorry for myself. I have the itch to exercise - more than an itch it is a raging desire - I really need to get moving and get that buzz! Until the pain abates in the sides of my head I will be hitting the road because I just need to.

My targets haven't gone away but just now they seem an awfully long way away... all I want for Christmas is good health so I can train well.

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