Monday, January 07, 2013

Monday Motivation - A plan? A plan? Well a series of goals at least

Do I have a plan? A plan? Well I do have a series of goals at least for the moment around which plans are beginning to crystallise.

For the time being here are my goals for the year ahead...
  1. Log a total of 1000 running miles in 2013.
  2. Complete 2nd marathon, and better my PB by at least ten minutes.
  3. Complete 3rd marathon (and first Big City Marathon), and better my PB.
  4. Find and run at least one half-marathon that I have not run before.
  5. Set a 5K PB.
  6. Scull far more than I did last year.
  7. Set a 2k indoor rowing PB.
  8. Get to my goal weight by April and stay there throughout the rest of the year.
  9. Stay well and injury free.
(Okay so the last one is strictly out of my total control, but I will do all I physically can to make it happen).

I know a kind of sporting bucket list for 2013 is hardly novel, and my list was inspired by reading some of the blogs I follow. The truth is I am recognising that without goals I find it tricky to get myself out running on a cold wet British Winters day - let alone summers day, hehe!

Diary - clear, mild, dry (though still wet under foot). Went for two long walks over the weekend in lieu of a run because I have a chesty cough at the moment and didn't want to stress my lungs. Generally I am on track with all things fitness again and will be running just as soon as this cough goes. Grateful for a busy but fun family Christmas and New Years.

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