Thursday, January 03, 2013

Two year anniversary of 'that' coffee thing

So I have racked up over two years now of being caffeine-free (with the exception of two running events where I 'used' it to see if it would directly benefit my running). To say giving up was easy would in all actuality be the truth, the hardest aspect over time has been having to keep reminding family and friends that I don't want coffee / tea.

Somewhere in a cupboard in our house a teapot mourns it's loss....
....happily it still gets outings when we have visitors or if my wife is hitting the tea hard because of heavy work load.

Would I recommend going 'clean' - well "yes", but I won't get on my soapbox (afterall I have done that before - "Caffeine-free in which blogger tries to avoid a pious essayist style"). Instead I will simply celebrate the anniversary of a good decision in my day to day life.

Are you celebrating any anniversaries of good life style choices?

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