Saturday, March 02, 2013


Set back? Well I am used to those by now... I have been suffering all week long with a cold (which happily came along with a fever courtesy of the kids). So I have not so much as laced my trainers all week, which I was kind of okay with until my diary pointed out that March was arriving. As things go I could be in worse shape, I could have done more mileage in February but for the bug I would have topped January's 75 km handsomely. What can you do? I am super cautious with colds after twice in the last year having severe chest infections.

Spring is showing some signs it is on the way, we have enjoyed a dry spell that left my trainers weeping all the harder when I abandoned them this week. It is from here that juggling the training (and I have to up the distances from here) gets that little bit harder as the spring seems to generate more pulls on time - more work projects, more home projects - the desire to shake things out after what was a dark cold icy Winter puts running time under pressure. Still pinch punch first run of the month and all that... hopefully my symptoms will have eased enough to let me get round a regular medium distance tomorrow and get the month going properly.

Footnote: I left the computer on and when I came back to do something else noticed that someone found my blog using the search term 'Sue Thearle Pregnant' wherein I discovered that back on Monday July 31st... 2006, I mentioned those three words talking about a breakfast television sports presenter - randomness utter randomness. Can't think they went away happy as it was an irreverent list of what my wife made of the then presenting roster, haha... what is the most random search that has found your site? (outside of those spam ones of course)

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