Friday, August 08, 2014

Breaking out of a running rut

30 days to go until my first autumn test – that’s right I have a 10k race in a months time even with my mojo still lost in the woods somewhere! Better than that from there I have a 'race' every other weekend until the end of September... it will be either boom or bust with my running mojo by the end of that period.

I am pinning a few hopes on the theory that immersing myself in things will help shake the junk out of my system and bring about a good autumn / winter of running and training in general. At the moment I am doing just about everything that any reasonable running magazine article might suggest to break out a rut...

  1. Running for fun not goals.
  2. Eating better.
  3. Trying new things in running training.
  4. Running with a friend.
  5. Joined a club (I am stretching the definition to include the parkrun experience).
  6. Building / changing routine (specifically by trying to get into a better sleep pattern).
  7. Incorporating targets, such as races to shape and direct training.

Did I leave anything out that would also help?

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