Thursday, June 04, 2015

10 days to go until the Swansea half marathon

It seems to have come around seriously quickly, but the Swansea half marathon is ten days away. My preparation for the race has been fragmented and so I will be going into it with much lower expectations than the day I sat down at the computer to enter the event. I put down a time that was a good chunk off my PB as a race entry prediction, which was yes ambitious but a target I felt was wholly attainable. If asked in February if my prediction would hold I would have smiled broadly and said "yes!", things since then have been rocky to say the least (see previous posts).

In terms of training I have definitely settled into two run sessions a week and found my calf is doing okay with it. This weekend I did 18.1 km as a long run and 'test' for Swansea which went really very well, it was one third on grass, one third on gravel, and one on tarmac - so it was nice a varied too. My idea was to just run long and set some sort of benchmark for the race, and I think I now have a much better of where my fitness is. Tuesday night I followed up with another 8 km which was much harder work and reinforced my feelings about the race.

Aside from pondering fitness levels happily the organisation of the Swansea half-marathon ahead of time has been fantastic, the race pack has arrived and all looks very good. We know the course well and visit Swansea a few times a year so I am looking forward to race day all round.

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