Sunday, January 03, 2016

The ninth day of Christmas - 12 days mini-challenge

The mini-challenge that I set myself of running on each of the 12 days of Christmas is going pretty well... observe, for I have charted it in Excel...

...yes, the total distances will not be making the likes of Mo Farah or Wilson Kipsang weep but the challenge was not distance (or speed for that matter) it is all about a consistency of getting my kit together and getting out of the door in the Winter.

12 days of Christmas is working a treat I am enjoying getting out and enjoying be forced to find different things - the same route everyday would be boring, the same shoes everyday would not be possible thanks to the rain, the same kit everyday would have been just plain stinky (!). That the distances haven't been huge have of course helped, I am simply not fit enough to have knocked out a string of 10 km plus days without injury risk. Although that said I am feeling the fitter for getting my trainers on everyday.

My New Year of running is going well and I hope will launch 2016 off of the right foot. I hope your New Year is going excellently too.

PS. today was a short one as it is junior parkrun day, so I ran with the lad and enjoyed jumping in lots of muddy puddles for 2 km.