Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Time moving, time not moving - the return of wittering on Wednesday?

Time moving yesterday was 20 minutes running with Dr.C. last night, it was excellent and a fair bit quicker than any of my other recent sessions. It was good banter that always distracts from the distance travelled. Perhaps the most stunning part of the run was that my Garmin found a satellite in reasonable time and moreover the sun was out.
The park in the sunshine yesterday
The time I spent not moving was sitting in the park at lunchtime enjoying the spring sunshine and eating a bar of chocolate very slowly. It took me over five minutes of mindful eating to savour the treat, which is greater than 10x more time than it would have taken me to eat it a month ago. While it is not a job completed over the last week I have been reacquainting myself with good food habits and feeling much better for it. Too early to report my slump is over but the signs are looking hopeful.

On another day I would demolish these in one sitting
I hope your Wednesday is full of good news and not to much chocolate.

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