Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Wading through treacle

At the moment I just have the deep seated feeling of being stuck, wading through heavy treacle, this is more than just losing my running mojo. I am at the heavy end of my weight yo-yo and threatening even to top that. When I get into exercise I am fine but I am struggling with eating it is just too convenient and to quick to shove in my mouth. I am comfort eating at the moment, with all that has gone on this year I seem to have lost my resistance and sense of food proportion. It is not as if I haven't tried to get things back on track I have but no old tactic seems to work for more than a day or two. At the moment I am drowning in the 'shoulds', and can't seem to shake even one of them.

Targets? I have them in abundance just don't ask me to do anything about them at the moment - I'd just as soon carry on soaking in the self-pity. What is so bad that I am enjoying a pity party? That is just it I can't say for sure as it is a mix of small and big stuff that seems to have formed a formidably large dam. Probably the biggest thing is the lack of any routine as just at the moment I seem to be in permanent response mode.

Worst of it all is that I know that I have all the answers and know where I can find all the tools I need. I just can't quite reach out grab them and get on with this. We have a long weekend coming up so all I can do is try and gather some energy during that to get to fixing some of the small stuff to get my feet out of the treacle.

Hope things are going well where you are.

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