Saturday, June 18, 2016

Another round the park run

I got myself out for a run last night even though it felt like I had so many other things to do that I shouldn't. It was a very necessary run as I have spent the entire week reflecting on the fact that I the most out of 'shape' I have been in years*. If I had not run the pattern of avoiding the problem might just have carried on festering. Much though I wanted to go out and run fast, hard and angry to tackle the stress with a physical blow out I managed to reign myself in and run with slow measured control - so I wouldn't spend the next few days a broken mess unable to train again (suffering heavy DOMS, sore feet, sore tendons and so on).

The run itself was short, 4.6 km, and in the end pretty sweet. My head was all over the place attention wise but weirdly my body found a good groove in spite of myself. The weather was cooler, as we've been having some over due rain (yep, even in Wales rain can be overdue!), so it was really comfortable to run in. Running was kept to the path, and not the grass, thanks to the fact the uppers on my trainers are a loose weave teabag fabric that says "hey water come on in lets party!!". Fears that my feet would not thank me for running on the hard stuff were unfounded (or at least have been so far - I can walk this morning).

Sticking to MAF-like (see my post from earlier in the week) pace is definitely the way forwards until I can crack my recent unfit habits. It is ultimately fabulous to finish a run session and feel like your body could easily go again - even if time pressures might not let you. This morning, for example, there is a small chance I might even get out for a run again :-)

Ps. seems I am once again chasing the title of "best blogpost title of the year" - I will let you know how I get on in the voting!?!?

* my trousers are too tight, my t-shirts and shirts are 'fitting' in ways that leave me very self-conscious, my waist is doing its very very best impression of middle-aged spread, the stairs in work are not a comfortable climb, my body fat percentage is a number heading in the wrong direction - reasons to find the time to run I think most would agree.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Base! How slow can you go?

Right I am having to build this thing from the ground upwards, I am getting injured to often (I'm probably still carrying one with my last knee issue), I am way too heavy (for me), and training for events has just become a lottery (will I 'lose' my entry fee or not, will I be able to complete the training or not).

I ran for the first time in five and a half weeks the other day, I ran on grass, and I ran very slowly. Basically I opted to base train and thus keep my heart rate somewhere near what would appear to be my MAF (I have just started reading all things - maximum aerobic function). Afterwards my knee was not happy, so it will have to a slow phasing in of the slow running, and likely a trip to the physiotherapists office if I see no 'strengthening' or absence of niggles going forwards.

The joy of my second slow run (also on grass) was that it was a much better story for my legs, with no lingering twinges or aches afterwards. However, the actual heart rate part was a mess, I couldn't find a rhythm and so it was run / walk all the way with no sustaining of the run phases for very long at all. It was a sunnier day so may be that didn't help, perhaps I was stressing more about finding the sweet spot of running a good while at MAF, what it was I was frustrated. That said I am more determined to explore this stuff and carefully build a progressive aerobic base... I have a lot of reading to do.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Struggling to turn around

After turning a few too many degrees in the wrong direction I am trying to get back into the 180degree turn groove. I am literally starting out at first principles, by doing what my blog title tells me and getting Andy on the move. Keeping things outside of training plans, eating plans, and just sticking to simply doing more in my day. So far in the last few days according to my fitness tracker I have covered (mostly walking) 16.8km, 18.67km, 13.5km, and 17.1km.

It is essentially the thing that you will always read in the fitness magazines, tweets, etc. - "move more", "get off the bus one stop early", "take the stairs", or some similar sentiment. I won't be able to get back to my running without first getting on with the simple simple process of sorting out these small things. Through this simplest of first steps I hope to get the snowball rolling down the hillside to generate the unstoppable giant snow boulder that I hope my next phase of my running / fitness journey will be.