Friday, September 09, 2016

Five runs in a week while on holiday - well not quite!

I am well versed now in the ways of holiday running, packing the kit, making sure my running shoes are included along with run watch, hat (!!), bright clothes, and snood (mostly for carrying and wiping sweat away with rather than wearing as a warming device). So this holiday I was absolutely ready, and then it seemed so was the rest of the family which was an interesting twist. Our two kids wanted to join in and come for runs too.

Although I hadn't managed to Google Earth the place out fully to find routes, the area looked like it might produce some good loop runs and when we were driving in it certainly looked better than I'd hoped... so did I run five times in a week? Well yes, and no... I did three of my own (one longer, two shorter) and then there were two extra ones each with a different offspring along for the journey. The two accompanied runs were frankly just brilliant fun, non-stop chatterboxes all the way around a simple yet varied 2k loop. So varied was the loop it included pumpkins, sheep, goats, friendly sheep dogs, lovely ponds, and rather fabulously no cars.

Run on holiday - a change is as good as a rest!

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