In a nutshell I try to keep 'on the move' to maintain the change. This blog essentially follows my attempts to stay fit, get fitter, be active and stay 'on the move'.

Back in May 2001 I weighed 248 lbs (113 kg), was very very unfit. At that time I decided to try and get leaner and fitter, in the course of 18 months I lost 40 pounds, gained fitness and discovered the joy of being more agile again. 

On the move is simply about me choosing, or attempting to find, ways and means toward living a relatively healthy existence. Within which I aim to be fit enough and strong enough to respond not only to challenges thrust upon me but also those challenges I might set myself to enrich my life. Fit for purpose, fit for life...  ...any suggestions, hints, tips are always more than welcome.

A little history
Graphed below are all of the monthly measurements I have noted since May 2001, which was approximately when I started to care about, and do something, about my weight. At my weightiest I went to the French alps skiing for the first time with friends and fell over a lot (which is I suppose normal for a novice / virgin skier). Each time I hit the ground very, very hard winding myself time and again. The real rub came on our final day of skiing when in fresh powder I found myself for a short time gliding around incredibly happily singing to myself loving the moment, and only then realised to truly enjoy moments like these every time I would need to be lighter and fitter.

Updated December 2012
The overall trend looks good, there are clear wobbles around the Christmas holidays (ahem, I can't fathom why!). The 2011 progress was been due to the combination of half and full marathon training and aided by using an App (myfitnesspal) which helps keep my erratic eating habits in check.

Just to put things in a visual perspective here are pictures of me through more than a decade. I really have not just aged but changed shape a fair bit over the time (I didn't even try to find the very worst and very best  - in the alleged style of certain diet company ads of back in the day). I can not be anything but pleased with progress over the course of time (and blogging).

Montage through 10 and more years, trust me there is a difference between the middle two pictures (the colours are deceiving)

On the move blog – Motives & Disclaimers
It could be (at times) that this blog looks as if it attempts to describe or suggest something born out of a specific ethos, or even a system. This really cannot be any further from reality; I am not a professional athlete or coach, a seller /agent, a fitness system exponent, or anything of that kind. The blog that you find are merely a conglomeration of my own thoughts and experiences: in fact in the main it is a journal.

Image: xedos4 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
I use links, pictures and illustrations within the blog are always, I hope, used appropriately giving due credit and recognition of their sources. If there is ever a suggestion that the blog abuses any trust I will immediately remove the item and seek to avoid any future issues. The things that I do write, suggest, question and discuss are solely my own opinions and thoughts. They do not constitute a service or indeed a system that anyone should feel especially inclined to follow.

Should you decide to try anything I describe you do so of your own choice, and I am not liable for the choices you make about how you get on the move. You should always consider your current health and fitness status before embarking on major new exercise regimes. As simple examples: you should consult your doctor if you have underlying conditions that should be considered; be able to swim if you take up rowing; understand what you are getting into before you do it. In essence perhaps apply that much maligned and all too often under used thought process referred to as ‘common sense’.