Reviews and Links

Race links (running)
Blackpool Marathon - one of the two races in this list curently that I haven't ever run, although I watched my father complete his first marathon there.
Cardiff Half-marathon
- my race review of the 2011 edition.
- my race review of the 2014 edition.
London Marathon - the other one of two races in this list curently that I haven't ever run, but it kind of has to be here for the number of times I have applied (or simply mentioned it in this blog). 
Milton Keynes marathon - see the reviews at the bottom of "My first marathon"
Reading Half-marathon
St. Davids Day 10K (Cardiff)

Sports store links
Run and Become - the source of the majority of my footware over the time I have been running. I use the store in Cardiff, and have never found it to be anything other than a pleasant helpful place. There is always a smile and plenty of good grounded information about running shoes and running.
Simply Oarsome - Rowing Apparel - fantastic choice of colours and designs for rowing all-in-ones. The two yellow and black designs I ordered were brilliantly made, and so comfortable that as well as rowing in them I have run many many a mile of running training in them too.
Health related links
Physio4motion - 'genius' is about the best word to some up Leon (the man behind the trade name), always engaging, always responsive and above all always professional. I could not recommend a physio more highly.

Other links
Llandaff Rowing Club - where I learned to row. A great club, with great spirit and ambition.
Training log archive - this from back in 2006, before blogger had the pages feature.