Sunday, November 06, 2005

Crazy bonkers - literally!!!!

Went out for fireworks, which were absolutely fantastic, weeee bang oooohh!! Walked all the way there to crown my busy active day. We then headed for a fantastic meal and experienced blinding tiramisu!!! - a little bit of anti-training there I think (loads of lovely kcal's!!!!!).

Then we got the bus home and thought it might not take us the right way, got off early in case and walked 2miles home... ouch!!

We thought oh lets go see the river, figure out the chances for Sunday rowing... wandered down the hill bit tipsy, giggling about the river when, "Oh dear, what's that noise?" - I thought some bar pump thingy was about to go pop behind the clubhouse...

...until wait its a very rhythmic sound... rattle, rattle, rattle... "It's the shutter to the ergo room??".... pause, rattle, rattle, rattle, rattle, faster and faster.... "Hang on it's someone having a frantic shag against the shutter, couldn't be!?!?!"..... and yes we think it was a little bit of Llandaff lovin' up against the ergo room shuttered door... what a damned romantic couple they must be... oh or drunken I guess!!! Each to there own?!?!?!? hahahahaha

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