Friday, November 25, 2005

Park life

Its not really about all those joggers who go round and round, the park is really a fantastic space that is all things to all users. Every weekday morning I use it to get to and from work, and while I do I see, hear and even feel (mainly that is the feeling of the wind and temperature before you think I've gotten overly poetic) many and ranging things.

I have seen people walking their dogs and making friends with other dog walkers, chatting whilst their dogs run around each other and sniff at each others butts. I have seen overweight girls mocking an overweight jogger doing her thing up ahead of them, blissfully unaware that the joke is in many respects on them. The park shows the best and often the worst of human interaction, as well as the best and worst of nature (that's weather - the commuters obsession). I really truly enjoy my time travelling through this peaceful yet very dynamic space that is the park.

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