Friday, November 25, 2005

S'no'w problem

It snowed last night, yippee... though not enough to drift into huge piles that might keep me at home working rather than heading to work. It was brilliant the park looked amazing, the sports pitches looked like virgin sheets of white A4 paper, the air was crisp and still, and I did stop several times to take a couple of piccies on my camera phone that might appear here when I get the chance to transfer them. Ran pretty late, all songs had finished on my MP3, and I was a long way into a podcast as I was parking my bike :o)

I set off pretty nervous about riding in snow, but it wasn't a problem once I got away from the roads. It looked like the cars may have compacted and iced the roads under their heavy tires, which made me grip the handlebars a bit over tightly!! I don't want to jinx myself but I think I can see the winter through on my bike commuting... unless those dreamed off huge drifts appear ;o)

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