Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday afternoon scull :o)

After the morning frustrations we went sculling at 3.30, did a couple of "trips" up and down the river. First one was rubbish!!!.... because yesterdays session left me rowing like a robot!! The second trip after chatting it through with my doubles partner, the lovely Sian, was far better, and was even "smooth running" at one point :o)

It seems as technical as the sport is rhythm is critical. I enjoy far more the "freedom" of small boat rowing as it seems more forgiving, perhaps easier to relax in. Relaxed rowing is at the moment what I am after, it is a great way of forgetting the world and "zoning out"... the reason after all that I got so absorbed in running and so much more into training / exercising than I ever used to.

The value of sports to me are the feelings of satisfaction, movement, lightness and freedom... that natural rush generated by exercise hormones :o)

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