Tuesday, August 29, 2006

End of season flourish

The season threatened to end on a down beat note at the Ross rowing club regatta, with failure to progress in the coxed four. Only for two races in the eight to put smiles back on all faces... the category was non-status (i.e. three crews not the minimum four need to gain a points win), and we drew the extra race in the draw... but we won, yippee!!!

I shouted like a quite mad person when we beat Royal Chester Rowing club to the win late in the afternoon, and was beside myself with relief that the long day was not for nothing.

That made three pots for the season, one for our novices and two in the eight in the last weekend of the season :o)

Winter training starts here and promises the much awaited return of some running, ah ha!!! Haven't totally figured out what winter training will mean exactly... watch this space I guess ;o)

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