Sunday, August 27, 2006

Gloucester regatta - failure and success

Gloucester regatta (@ Ross-on-Wye) saw a failure to pass the first round for the four, which meant a long wait around the regatta site for an eights race late in the afternoon. The day was spent trying to still chilled and focused in the face of the usual on bank nonsense... boat issues, ARA card troubles, club politics, flurries of races, and long dull delays.

I managed to stay relatively within myself, so much so that on the run up to the start in the eight I was told to not have lazy hands to which I had the presence of mind to call the rest of the crew to sit it too - which happily they did.

The race itself was a little ropey at the start, I lost my feet in the over sized shoes (they must have been size 15 or something) within the first 300-400m that did serve to concentrate the mind somewhat. The last 250m the crew got it together and came through to deliver a good final speedy burst to take the win... and a pot!! My second of the year, the eight was none status (straight final), but stuff that we won :o)

Happily my wife also won a straight final in an eight after a similar start to the day... a good rowing day in our household ;o)

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