Monday, August 21, 2006

Lessons in what not to do for Regattas

Over the weekend the crew travelled to the City of Oxford regatta on the Thames. For me it was a lesson in what not to do... in summary...

1) Don't neglect basis fitness work - can offer excuses but that a bit rubbish.

2) Be organised - I was off beam all weekend and it showed on the water - inconsistency breeds inconsistency may be.

3) Alcohol and day two of a two day regatta don't mix - I was not drunk on the middle night but it still took the edge off - we raced the eventual winners, thus we could have been the eventual winners if sharper perhaps.

4) Don't listen to or get involved in crew gossip / slagging fests - they inspire negative thinking.

5) We camped next to a scout hut so should have been reminded about this one - be prepared - my mental preparation was non-existent.

Some lessons you learn the hard way I guess :o(

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