Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Medical intervention

It seems that the large blister I suffered months back, that subsequently became infected and turned into a verruca... will require medical intervention.

I finally went yesterday, after weeks of self-treating (on and off) and avoiding making the call. The doctor looked a little stunned and exclaimed "I don't think that can be frozen off, or even cut out... try treating it with paste and we'll see if it can be shrunk enough to be frozen off".

Arrrgh!!! Weeks of treatment ahead.... The moral of the story is simple (yes, its a male thing probably) "as soon as anything looks / feels iffy see a doctor you prat".

If I ever create a list of important entries in my blog that serve as useful to anyone training / participating in sport after losing weight and getting fit I will sadly have to include things like this... highlighting my own stupidity!!! d'oh!!!
Ps. I would include a picture, but that's just taking it too far!!!!!

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