Friday, August 04, 2006

Oh look... tarmac... ouch!!!

Yesterday on the way home on the Taff trail we had a collision. Sian and myself managed to get our bikes entwined and so down we came. Sian luckily found the side of the trail and thus the grass, I hope my hand on her handle-bar helped. I found myself looking at the tarmac, my bike had jack-knifed around my left leg and sent me left side first to the ground. I landed pretty well (very, very grateful for my bike helmet), the biggest pain was in my ribs, I think I managed to elbow myself as I crumpled!!!

Unfortunately I deemed myself fit to row, which in the main I was... until we lifted the boat off the water and tried to angle it to retrieve someones keys (which had been misplaced into the bow void of the boat)... then I felt my rib make a popping sound and it started to hurt that bit more. I think I have bruised the bone and pulled intercostal muscles, which apparently take a while to heal!!! Ho-hum, silly things happen :o)

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