Tuesday, March 27, 2007

2k erg: the details, details

Well it seems that someone transferred the data from the erg into an excel spreadsheet... I fear a graph might follow soon!?!?!

The breakdown was...

Split times:-
0-500 : 01:39.2
500-1000 : 01:44.2
1000-1500 : 01:45.8
1500-2000 : 01:46.0
Average 500 Split : 01:43.8

Time at set markers:-
01:39.2 500m
03:23.4 1000m
05:09.2 1500m
06:55.2 2000m

Two quotes from my wife about my effort...
"I reckon, you need to reign in your first 500m, and then keep your next 500m splits steady"
"Maybe you take a little too much out of yourself in the first 500m...?"
Pretty accurate comments I'd say ;o)

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